Luke’s Mentor: Thaddeus answers 11 questions

‘Heavens me, what do you think vampirism does to a person?’

Robin Layne, Author

(Note: Thaddeus died in the 18th Century, so I am vaguely assuming some kind of time warp allowing him to peek into today before his death.)


Does living as a vampire have the same appeal as prior to being turned (if you’re that type of vampire)? If you had to do it over, would you? (Katya)

Oh-ho, you assume I wanted to be turned! Fascinating! How much have times changed over these past few centuries? Does everyone want to be a vampire? Fulfilling such wishes would not be practical for us all. Before I was turned, I barely knew what a vampire was. I sensed the woman seducing me was something other than just another Salem witch. She did give me a choice . . . and though I little knew what that choice entailed, I have not regretted it.

What aspect of humanity or being human have…

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