Rules & Questions

Most blog awards are very personal things, and to formally receive the award you have to answer random questions and/or offer random facts about yourself. The Vampire Lover Blog Award is different, in that the questions and facts should be about a vampire. There are various ways to do this:
  • If you, the recipient, are a real-life vampire (and I know at least one blogger who is) then you may choose to talk about yourself.
  • If you are an author of vampire stories, you may allow one of your vampiric characters to receive the award. (This may also be a way for you to explore and develop aspects of character in works-in-progress.)
  • For fun, you may select a vampire from film and/or literature and imagine how they would answer the questions.
  • Or, you could imagine yourself a vampire, or create a new vampiric character solely for this purpose.

There are no restrictions about what kind of vampire you are. Perhaps you are a superheroic alpha vampire in search of his one true love, or perhaps you are an evil femme fatale who feeds on psychic and/or sexual energy.

Vampire Lover Blog Award
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Vampire Lover Blog Award
The Rules
  1. You must be a vampire.
  2. Link back to the one who nominated you.
  3. Display the Vampire Lover Blog Award image.
  4. State 11 facts about yourself.
  5. Answer 11 questions from the list at
  6. State these rules.
  7. Nominate (and notify) at least 3 fellow bloggers.
Have fun – and take care!
The Questions
Questions submitted, and credits:
  1. Does living as a vampire have the same appeal as prior to being turned (if you’re that type of vampire)? If you had to do it over, would you?
  2. What aspect of humanity or being human have you lost or used less – or has diminished the most?
  3. If you live forever, or for thousands of years, and are difficult to kill, and are very strong and powerful… how do you not become a sociopath? And go off and start doing anything you want and acting on any impulse?
  4. Is it true you have to be an old vampire to fly or teleport (being one place, disappearing, and showing up wherever you want to)? Or, if you were turned by a very old, strong vampire, does that give you the ability to do those things like flying or teleport that other vampires do?
    Angela (demonsangel) Fitzgerald
  5. From what you’ve witnessed yourself, do the history books have it right?
  6. What’s it like to be a vampire?
    Rebekkah Ford
  7. Do you miss food, the sun, or your heartbeat more?
    Shah Wharton
  8. Are there any female vampires around?
    Sam Driscoll
  9. Is ‘live’ blood more beneficial than bagged blood? Is it true that the last blood from a dying person is sweeter due to their fear of death?
    Dianne (Tome Tender)
  10. What was your first feed/kill like?
    Megan Cashman
  11. If you had the choice to no longer be a vampire – to just be a human again – would you go for it?
    Robin Layne
  12. Do you find the idea of being undead – ‘living’ for ever, sleeping in a coffin, and so on – as horrifying as I do?
    Lucinda Elliot
  13. If you had the chance to be human again to do one thing, what would it be?
    Justin Bienvenue
  14. What do you think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films? Has it made your life harder or easier?
    Georgiana Derwent
  15. With the success of vampires in the mainstream, do you find it harder in this day and age to survive?
    Isaiyan Morrison
  16. Vampire physiology must be very different from human physiology – how is human blood digested and processed in the blood system?
    Jeff Dawson
  17. What happens if you suck your own blood?
    Tyro Vogel
  18. Can you be turned back to a human?
    Tyro Vogel
  19. Can you have sex the ‘traditional’ way? Do you have any desire for sex?
    Tyro Vogel
  20. According to folklore, vampires can’t cross moving water. Does this present problems for you?
    James Lyon
  21. Is it possible some vampire-related genes can be passed down through human bloodlines over the centuries?
    James Lyon
  22. What significance, if any, does gender identity and sexual (etc.) orientation have for vampires?
    Francis Franklin
  23. Are there other vampires, and if so what role does gender play in vampire society?
    Francis Franklin
  24. How much is a pint of blood?
    Francis Franklin
  25. They say a vampire’s bite brings pleasure rather than pain. Is that true, and how is that even possible?
    Francis Franklin
  26. Do vampires possess a soul? What difference does having or not having a soul make? What happens when you die? (Assuming you can actually die… Can you?)
    Francis Franklin
  27. Do you believe in ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’?
    Francis Franklin
  28. Would you date a werewolf?
    Francis Franklin
  29. Should humans tolerate the existence of vampires?
    Francis Franklin
  30. Who made you, and why? Was it by choice, or was the choice made for you?
    Sabrina Ross
  31. What is the most important thing to you?
  32. Is sex that much more enhanced than before? Do you feel your sexual drive is greater than before?
  33. Where do you come from?
    Francis Franklin

20 thoughts on “Rules & Questions

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  10. I am a vampire I have been one for almost 20 yrs now I have told one person my bff brooke shes not a vampire I am great at being one I was born one its hard for me.I am scared if they know im a vampire they will hate me if anyone knows why shouldn’t be scared tell me cause the last place i lived they found out and they tryed to kill me.

    • I want to tell you to relax and take a deep breath – but maybe you’re the kind of vampire who doesn’t breathe?

      If you truly wish to tell us your story, then do so. I suspect however that you’ve been locked in a crypt for the past twenty years with only a 1990s cellphone to keep you company.

      Or maybe I’m wrong and ‘vampire’ is code for ‘bisexual trans person’, in which case I wish you all the best and hope you find freedom in this world of ignorant bullies.

  11. Ya thx that was o much help and I do breathe where I lived befor someone tried to prove I was a vampire and they didnt stop and everyone found out and got scared they found out because I hate garlic and thats how they found out them I moved away I dont know if they are still looking for me or not I think they are thought no sure my real name is harsh angle because I look pretty but im a vampire.

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